Simplicity is a success


We try to find the original, logical, understandable and communicative solutions. Solve content and form relationships. Also responding to the technological transformation of the field, which is very complex and constantly very fast changing. While all but the essence of our work remains the same: graphical visualization of information resources.




We create & design

We create creative concept, graphic design or language mutation of supplied materials from parent foreign companies. We will build on and develop a previously elaborated concept, take over at whatever stage of completion. We have all the software and all platforms.


just leave it to us

We are specialists in printing production, we will provide you with all kinds of printed matter and printing of all kinds of materials at reasonable prices. Oversee production, we will take care of color according to the approved proof print, produce samples. We can guarantee the whole process because we only work with many years of proven suppliers.


we will cover the whole process

We provide comprehensive warehouse and logistics services:
– Storage
– Check the number and quality of goods
– Packaging, sticking, foil, sorting, inserting of printed matter and documents to shipments
– Label printing, barcode generation, production and printing promotional materials
– Division and completion of consignments from 1 piece to all-pallets
– Transport of shipments in the Czech Republic and abroad
– Express distribution in Prague


They are from all fields